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Answer:TStep-by-step explanation:When it comes to ordered pairs in inequalities, they are represented with the (x,y) values. So the ordered pair (3,8) can be substituted in the inequality [tex]y<|x+2|+7[/tex].In this inequality we have the symbols for an absolute value of a number. The absolute value of any integer will always be a positive integer as it is just the number of spaces from the origin (0,0).So we can simply substitute the values of x and y like so:[tex]y<|x+2|+7[/tex].[tex]8<|3+2|+7[/tex].[tex]8<|5|+7[/tex].[tex]8<5+7[/tex].[tex]8<12[/tex].This leaves us with 8<12 for the inequality making the statement true.