Please help us with this and please include work

Accepted Solution

Answer:h + p ≤ 15 $50h + $500p ≥ $2500 Step-by-step explanation:The store can ship at most 15 items per day. The number of items must be 15 or less. The items are headphones (h) and pianos (p), so, one of the conditions is h + p ≤ 15 Each headphone is $50, so the money from headphones is $50h. Each piano is $500, so the money from pianos is $500p. The total money from headphones and pianos is $50h + $500p. This money must be at least $2500, that is, it could be $2500 or more .The second condition is $50h + $500p ≥ $2500 The two inequalities are h + p ≤ 15 $50h + $500p ≥ $2500 B and C are wrong, because the store can ship a maximum of 15 items per day. D is wrong, because the store must make at least $ 2500 per day.