PLEASE HELP ASAP! 30 POINTS!!!!!The booster club sets up a hot dog stand for fundraising at a local middle school. The booster club receives $12 in donations as members are setting up the stand. The club is selling each hot dog for $1.75. Each hot dog costs the club $0.50, and other supplies cost $57. The booster club wants to know how many hot dogs the club must sell to break even. a. Define the variable b. Write an equation that represents this situation. c. Find the number of hot dogs the booster club must sell to break even. Show your work. d. How much money will the booster club make or lose if they sell at total of 150 hot dogs? e. If the booster club wants to break even by only selling half the number of hot dogs from part c, how much should it charge for each hot dog? Use "p" to represent the new price for each hot dog. Show your work

Accepted Solution

Let  = number of hot dogs sold
Let  = their total cost for  hot dogs sold

Let  = revenue from sales of  hot dogs

The break even point is where 

32 hot dogs must be sold in order
to break even