Nhia is setting up a marble tournament for the kids in her apartment complex. So far, 47 kids have signed up to play. Each player needs 10 marbles. Nhia found a discount store that sells bags of 24 marbles. Round each amount to the nearest ten to find a reasonable estimate for the number of bags of marbles Nhia will have to buy to be sure to have enough marbles.

Accepted Solution

Hello!The answer is:Nhia will have to buy 20 bags of marbles.Why?To solve the problem, we need to calculate the total number of marbles that will be needed if there are 47 kids, we know that each kid will need 10 marbles. Also, we know that each bag of marbles contains 24 marbles.Also, we need to remember that rounding to the nearest ten means round to the nearest multiple of the number 10.So, using the given information and calculating we have:[tex]TotalNumberOfMarbles=NumberOfKids*10marbles\\\\TotalNumberOfMarbles=47*10marbles=470marbles[/tex]We know that the total number of marbles needed is 470 marbles, so, calculating how many bags will Nhia have to buy, we have:[tex]NumberOfBags=\frac{TotalNumberOfMarbles}{MarblesPerBag}\\\\NumberOfBags=\frac{470}{24}=19.58=19.6[/tex]We have that there will be needed 19.6 bags of marbles, however, since we know that the marbles are sell in bags of 24 pieces, Nhia will have to buy 20 bags of marbles (rounded to the nearest ten)Have a nice day!