FOr fish food, I have a box that is 1/4ft by 1/4 ft, by a 1/4 ft. How many of these fish food would fit into a box of 3 3/4 ft by 3 ft by 3 1/4 ft? Show your work??

Accepted Solution

Answer:2700Step-by-step explanation:Hi Beckettdebbie! How are u? I hope I understood the problem well. In that case, you must calculate the volume of the small box and the volume of the large box and then make the division to see how many of the small ones enter the large one. Here the step by step: Volume (large box) = 3,75 ft * 3 ft * 3,75 ft = 42,1875 ft^3 Volume (small box) = 0,25 ft * 0,25 ft * 0,25 ft = 0,015625 ft^3 Then, we calculate the number of small boxes that enter a large: Amount small boxes = Volume (large box)/ Volume (small box) Amount small boxes = 42,1875 ft^3/ 0,015625 ft^3 Amount small boxes = 2700 I hope I've been helpful! Regards!