An internet cafe charges a base rate to connect to WiFi. A user must also pay an additional hourly rate for the service. The total charge to the user is represented by this linear function: f(x) = 0.75x + $3.50. 1. What does f(x) represent in the function? 2. What does the variable "x" represent in the function? 3. What is the base rate for the internet connection? 4. What is the hourly charge for using the service? 5. Kyle uses the cafe's service for an hour and a half. To the nearest cent, what is the total amount that Kyle pays?

Accepted Solution

Answer:1.  f(x) is the total cost2. x is the hours spent on the internet3.  the base rate is 3.504.  hourly charge is .755.  4.63Step-by-step explanation:1.  f(x) is the total cost  or the amount of money he has to pay2. x is the hours spent on the internet, it is the time spent on the internet3.  the base rate is 3.50, or the minimum amount just to get connected4.  hourly charge is .755.  Let x = 1.5 for the hour and a halff(1.5) = .75(1.5) + 3.5        1.125+3.5       4.625To the nearest cent     4.63